Sunday, December 13, 2015

Planet Fitness Black Card Member Approved

This is a Planet Fitness Black Card Member REVIEW.  I'm here to share my opinion of the Planet Fitness Facility.

The Planet Fitness I frequent most is the Planet Fitness located in Carl Place, Long Island, New York.

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A positive review all the way through.  Adding Planet Fitness to my weekly routine has balanced my health and mindset.  My daily energy level has increased, I dropped a few extra pounds without strict dieting,  clears my mind, relaxes me, I sleep better, and if I don't workout at LEAST twice a week, I lose my spunk.  Sweating out toxins and physically move until I'm majorly limber,  helps me perform at my best each week.  Adding routine exercise to my lifestyle has improved my overall health.

Planet Fitness is not just all about physical fitness.  Of course it is an exercise gym but it also offers ten-minute tanning, hydromassage beds and massage chairs.  It's about being fit both in body and mind.  Balance is key.

When I enter the doors at Planet Fitness, the electricity immediately gets me in the mood to get moving.  Most of the time I workout using the cardiovascular exercise equipment.  I don't use high tension when working out.  I'm more into moving to sweat without building up muscle.  I'm already muscular so when I work out I focus on cardio to move and wiggle my body fat to sweat.  My energy level has increased and I dropped a few extra pounds without strict dieting.

The staff is always welcoming and attentive and the facility is always clean.

A locker-room with showers and blow dryers.  You must supply your own lock.

Hours of operation help me fit in exercise each week.  Monday through Thursday open 24 hours, Fridays until 10:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday until 7:00 pm.

Cardiovascular exercise equipment.  Treadmill, elliptical, arc trainer, sit down bike and stationary bikes.  No time limit when workout out on equipment.  That is a huge plus.

Planet Fitness is a judgement free zone.  Nobody judges.  Nobody tells makes you feel as if you are not doing enough.

The price is right!  $20.00 per month with a once a year annual fee of $39.00. Amazing deal.  $20.00 a month allows me to go to any Planet Fitness.

You can tan ten minutes every 24-hours.

You can enjoy a hydromassage bed or massage chair to relax.

Black card members pay half price for drinks.

Once a month Planet Fitness offers bagels, coffee and pizza.  It's about being fit not starving to stay underweight.  It is OK to eat when staying fit.  Balance is key for the body and MIND.

You can sign up to set an appointment for personal training.  Personal training comes with the $20.00 package.

Most people are tight for time.  When I work out I appreciate the dozens of televisions available that let me watch the news and my favorite TV shows.


I recorded a video to give a Black Card member review and recorded a few videos showing you how I use the cardio equipment.  All good reviews.  Enjoy Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness Black Card Member Review - Click Here

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